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  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • This is the media debut photo-shoot for yet another budding newhalf Narumi who works for an agency based in Tokyo.

    Narumi has been on hormone for only one year yet she looks awesome. She`s got a great body, some delicious-looking legs and feet that rival those of a runway model and give her the false impression of an un-approachable catwalk diva.

    In fact she is quite an out-going, down-to-earth girl who likes to play video games and watch anime programs on TV at home. Her favorite anime show is one called `Gundam`.

    Narumi majored in Philosophy at college and is apparently quite a good writer. You can have an intelligent conversation with her.

    Regarding sex, Narumi told us that she `might look like I am an aggressive top but actually I love bottoming. I really enjoy it when my breasts, cock or ass is attacked`.

    Narumi is into guys who groom themselves like a member of one of those so-called `Visual Rock Bands` – wearing make-ups and dress in fancy clothes – such as her favorite J-pop singer Gackt.

    Height: 171cm (5 ft6)
    Weight: 52kg (114 lbs)
    Stats: 80/58/82 (31/23/32)
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Birthday: 17th February

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9th Dec 2019

14:09 HD Video

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