Alexandra Vexx

Alexandra Vexx
  • Location: Germany / USA
  • "Hai, My name is Alexandra Vexx the typical German T-Girl. Not that typical to be honest. I'm crazy...
    I'm 23 years old and a hardcore metal fan. I leave out no concerts and no parties.
    My favourite bands are: Lamb of God, Eskimo Callboy and Heaven Shall Burm, just as example
    My taste in music is not the ony thing hardcore I'm interested in.
    My kinks include BDSM, Choking, Blood and Petplay among other things.
    I'm the born dominatrix (most of the time) with years of experience and because I'm German
    I take it way too serious. I can be nice though. Be the hand that feeds me and I wont bite...much.
    I'm easy to handle, if you stay cuffed and gagged I wont be too hard on you.
    Scared? Don't be, I can also be a little sub if you like, just treat me like a princess.

    Interested? Stay around then and find out what side you will get to see of me.
    Until then,
    Liebe Gruesse aus dem Vaterland. <3 "

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15th Oct 2020

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