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Bexy Lynne

Bexy Lynne
  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Bexy was a lot of fun to work with. Like I do with nearly all new models, I spent some time teaching her how to pose and why I wanted her to pose that way. She was more than receptive to my advice.

    She stands about 6'1" and no doubt feels her butt is her best attribute, since she's her own ass' biggest fan. She was able to get hard with no trouble at all.

    Bexy has had six different threesomes with other women/trans-women, but she also likes men who have the physical size and strength to dominate her. So far, all the men who've "dominated" her have had to ask her to do things, but she'd like a man to toss her around and take total control.

Bexy's Cumshot Videos

Bexy Lynne's Stunning Cumshot!

Gorgeous Seattle redhead Bexy Lynne is here ready to cum for you! She can't wait to strip down and show you her hard cock and her juicy ass! She smacks her booty and strokes her cock until she gets it cock hard! She ends it all up with one of the greatest cumshots we've ever seen! It was amazing!

5th May 2020

17:10 HD Video

    Rating: 5.00