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Brandy Alexander

Brandy Alexander
  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Brandy Alexander stands 6'3" with a big, uncut 8" fully functional cock.

    She likes to play video games, yoga, going to the beach and hiking. She's also a nerded out fan of sci-fi and anime.

    She like's guys and girls almost the same. She's leaning slightly more towards guys right now. She's a bottom with guys and absolutely loves cum.

Brandy's Cumshot Videos

Brandy Alexander Cums!

Brandy is a sexy girl from Seattle discovered by Radius Dark. Today she will stroke her hard cock for the Transgasm members for the first time! Brandy plays with her boobs for a bit, then strips off the pants showing off her sexy butt! She then strokes her hard cock all until she cums just for you!

27th Jul 2020

18:23 HD Video

    Rating: 5.00