Janelle Fennec

Janelle Fennec
  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Janelle Fennec is a 5'7" petite Colorado girl who loves to shoot guns, go motorcycle riding, snowboarding, camping, and partying.

    She's a total submissive with guys until she gets into her favorite sexual position, riding your cock cowgirl style. She takes control. She loves doggystyle just about as much.

    She's got some kinks. She enjoys light bondage, candle wax play, toys, and electro-stiumulation. She's into taller, big strong guys that can take control of her, but is more of a switch with girls. She loves oral and specifically mentioned eating pussy as a favorite.

    I flat out would not have known she was trans unless she told me.

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10th Feb 2021

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Janelle first takes her outer clothes off and gets her cock rock hard and then puts her nipples in a couple of nipple sucking devices that make them all puffy. Then she moves from the couch to the bed and shows off her toys. She uses her anal trainers (smaller blue dildos) and then sticks anal beads up her ass. Her fans have been asking her to take bigger dildos, so she measures up her 8" thick dildo, compares it to her cock and then plops it down on the table. She gets up and rides it until she cums!

20th May 2020

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