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Manami Cyojyo

Manami Cyojyo
  • Location: Nagoya
  • Here she finally comes! Manami Cyojyo, the reigning No. 1 best-selling newhalf in both Osaka and Nagoya, has decided to grace Shemale-Japan with her first-ever adult performance photo-shoot, after having turned down numerous offers from adult film studios and producers. Gentlemen, it must be again my silver-tongue, or is it the reputation of SMJ members in Japans newhalf community?

    Manami is 23 years young. Although originally from Hiroshima she now lives in Nagoya.

    So what it is about Manami that Japanese men just cannot seem to get enough of? She has, to start with, a very traditional, Japanese look about her. She has gorgeous long hair, beautiful pale skin, a pair of shapely long legs, a pair of lovely boobs, and to top them all, a big she-cock. But all these add up to more than just mere sum of the parts because, I discover in her presence that, she has a very unique aura and style. Ultimately though, I think it is because no man can resist a shemale godess who is as elegantly beautiful and pervertedly horny as Manami.

    Manami loves sex. She is into all kinds of plays especially S&M either being the slave or the master. However nothing turns her more on than submitting herself to sexual humiliations especially erotic verbal ones. "I get horny when I see my partner having a hard-on." Confessed Manami, "When I am turned on I want to continue having sex, non-stop, for as long as two days!"

    Apart from sex, for fun, Manami also enjoys playing internet games and watching films. She likes cool-looking and fun-loving older men, like Bruce Willis. Manami does not drink but she loves cooking. One of the things that makes her most happy in a relationship is to cook gourmet food for her man.

    Height: 170cm (5 ft 5)
    Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
    Stats: 88/62/89 (35/24/35)

  • Location: Nagoya
  • Birthday: 3rd July

Manami's Cumshot Videos

Bath Tub Fun With Manami!

It's rub-a-dub in the tub for lovely Manami, then straight to the bedroom for some frisky fun. Manami is a gorgeous young tgirl who has a lot to offer horny guys, just take a look and you'll see.

21st Apr 2022

15:36 HD Video

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