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Noa Iijima

Noa Iijima
  • Location: Tokyo
  • "I love sex," confessed Noa, a provocative 23 year young, newest top-selling newhalf in the capital, "Since even before transition, I have always loved to prey on guys with my big cock!"

    Making it to the top of the most popular list in Tokyo is no small feat and you wonder what her secrets are. Her trendy Gyaru looks? Her fashion-modelesque hot body? Or her huge 18cm/7.1inch long penis?

    Noa is originally from Kyoto. At the moment what interests her most apart from sex is traveling, especially abroad, Guam, Hawaii and New York City being her top destinations. After work she enjoys singing, dancing, cooking and driving. Her favorite singers are J-pop singsong writers Kumi Koda and Ayumi Hamasaki.

    Noa aspires to be a perfect woman like Angelia Jolie. In a man, regardless of his age, physique and face, Noa prefers someone that is gentle and tidy-looking.


    Height: 176cm (5 ft 7)
    Weight: 61kg (134lbs)
    Stats: 83/W60/H84  (33/24/33)

  • Location: Tokyo
  • Birthday: 15th June

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Sweet Noa In School Uniform!

Noa Iijima makes a very sweet looking tgirl in her short plaid skirt and long white socks! She opens her blouse to show us her perky tits and pulls aside her panties to release her tgirl erection. Laying on the bed, she strokes her stiff cock and ejaculates her tgirl cum over her naked belly!

4th Apr 2023

14:24 HD Video

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