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Sarina Havok

Sarina Havok
  • Location: Ontario, Canada
  • Sarina Havok Metal Queen of the north !
    Tall, slim, beautiful, nice pale skin, vocalist in a metal band and loves to perform on stage and... in bed! ....or where ever life ofers it self for that matter !

    Very intelligent, loves quantum science, writes music, and loves meeting interesting people...

    She might seem unintenionally intimidating at first, but with a nice aproach and for the right person, she could let a few smiles break away... and if you folow the smiles... you might discover the unexpected softness of her intimacy, Where she surrenders to desire, lust, passion and kink....
  • Location: Ontario, Canada
  • Birthday: 8th November

Sarina's Cumshot Videos

Mistress Sarina Fucks Her Ass!

Sarina is so cute and this red haired vixen is rather hot and horny. And I think she is just so incredibly fucking sexy as well. And when this horny mistress started to take some tempting poses it's really a no surprise that you'll be turned on. Watch and you will be amazed how passionately Sarina went after her ass using her long red toy.

28th Apr 2020

16:53 HD Video

    Rating: 5.00

Come Play With Sarina On Bed!

Witness Sarina Havok's secret sweet side as she kindly waits in bed with her summer dress, texting her friends what's about to happen... she turns around to tease with her sweet milky body and sliding her fingers in her panties to touch her soft cock, make it hard and release that juicy white load for us on a clear hotel plate...wanna see?

8th Dec 2019

16:09 HD Video

    Rating: 4.50