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Sunny Shines

Sunny Shines
  • Location: Northern California
  • Sunny Shines comes to us from Northern California. She's about 5'9", very cute, and loves to get fucked by thick cocks.

    For fun, she loves playing World of Warcraft and her gamer tag is saltprincess. She makes music. She's got a home recording studio where she makes jazz and blues music. She's been playing the guitar since she was nine years old. She has a lot of fun doing it.

    For sex, she loves to be submissive and bottom. She's got a very thick cock and loves to take thick cocks as well. She loves to gag on huge cocks.

    She loves to be manhandled and restricted. She even likes some choking. She does like receiving oral, and although she definitely is not a top, she'll will top every once in a while.
  • Location: Northern California
  • Birthday: 27th October

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The amazing Sunny Shines is here with a sexy scene and she's ready to have some fun! She strokes her cock and shows off her amazing ass and then starts fucking her tight hole with a glass dildo! Then, she cums all over her stomach! What a beauty!

6th Jan 2022

15:22 HD Video

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