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  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Tori is a friend of Katie Klark's and has never been in front of the camera before... lo and behold, she's enthusiastic and loves shaking her thick ass for the audience. Although a newbie, knowing that she's getting her audience hard gets her excited and her horniness level elevated during this shoot. We had to pause a couple of times during the shoot to allow her to calm down, but this inevitably led to a quick orgasm.

Tori's Cumshot Videos

Tori's Milky Cum!

Tori's body is a masterpiece of mother nature herself. This lady could get you off from her looks alone and you are all lucky enough today because she's going to show you a whole lot more! Watch this sassy blonde lady as she brings herself to orgasm!

6th Jan 2021

15:57 HD Video

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